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2014 China (Beijing) International
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May 13-15 2014
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2012 Summit Forum

IR-tech Industry and Applications Development Forum

During the meeting, we invite famous experts and researchers as speakers, to provide an opportunity of exchange and communication for other experts, researchers, corporations’ leaders, R&D engineers. Aiming at improving the industry development by advanced technology and attractive market, the Forum connects theory with practice, reflecting the current technical difficulties and market focus, the recent optical latest technology achievements, and the future development and trends of technology. Cooperating with Chinese Society of Astronautics, National Defense system units, universities, research institutes and giant companies, the Forum is going to build a multi-level, multi-angle, multi-channel communication platform among industries, academies and institutes.


International Symposium on Advanced Laser Processing

This Symposium is an international event, and also a workshop of the field of laser processing. Well-known international experts from research institutions, universities and enterprises from China and abroad will be invited, and also the related units or individuals from processing applications fields, such as electronics, machinery, aerospace, automobile, and metallurgy.

The Symposium not only create a platform for further academic exchanges, but also provide opportunities for finding new project partners, the potential international cooperation and financial support. In addition, the Symposium will also provide young Chinese scientists and students a platform to communicate with top scientists of laser processing area.




Promotion Meeting of New Laser Technology and Products

Laser technology is developing at an unexpected speed in China. High-tech laser technology and products are more concerned. Now lasers has been applied to all corners of the industry, including fiber-optic communications, laser spatial distance communications, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser cutting, printing rollers, metal and nonmetal drilling / cutting / welding, military national security, medical equipment and large-scale infrastructure. The appearance of fiber lasers leads another new wave in the field. This event, which will attract lots of professional visitors and buyers, will invite Chinese leading companies, international renowned companies and their agents, to make a efficient stage for enterprises to have a great promotion and sales.


International Forum on Optical Manufacturing, Testing and Material Application

Optical processing industry plays a vital role in the optical market. The leading optical technology countries, such as Germany, United States and Japan, accelerate the industrial transformation of traditional optical instruments and product updates, especially in the development of unique creative technology, in order to chase the higher level of precision optical processing. The traditional optical processing technology has been gradually phased out and the continual emergence of new materials also pushes optical processing chain upgrading further. In recent years, as the international optoelectronics industry restructuring, industry trends transferring, the most international optical processing industry move to China and the Chinese traditional optical processing enterprises have taken the advance to transform to modern optical processing enterprises. But how to raise the level to explore the international market is main problem for Chinese optical industry.

The Forum will invite globally famous optical companies (Germany SCHOTT, Leybold Optics, ZYGO, Phoenix Optics, Sunny Optics, Lida Optical, etc.); research institutes (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Institute of Optics And Electronics The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Precision Optical Engineering centers Suzhou University, etc.) to introduce the new products and technologies of materials processing, deeply analyze the market demand, and make a outlook of development trends for the company to adjust its structure, enhance its strength specified direction. The forum will be a professional and efficient platform for all the people of the field.





International Forum on the Industry Development of Access Network of Next Generation

China's optical communications has entered the international advanced level. In recent years, the government pays more and more attention to the access networks of next generation and FTTx, giving active support in research and development and application aspects. In the Forum more than 200 famous researchers and enterprises will be invited including Singapore Polytechnic University, Boston University, and the relevant department of Ministry of Information Industry, Huawei, HG, Fiberhome, Changfei, Yangtze, Xiamen UX, JiangSu UNIKIT, etc., who will discuss the condition of the development of optical communications and optical net from policies, markets, standards and core technologies, and present a guide for the business development and technologies transformation.

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