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Chinese Society for Optical Engineering(CSOE)
Chinese Society for Optical Engineering is a national society approved by Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. Chinese Society for Optical Engineering brings together optic and optical engineering scientists, engineers, educators and business leaders. The membership totals more than 3000 individuals, approximately 600 members reside outside China.
Our Idea
·Adhering to the spirit of "innovation, pragmatism, cooperation, progress”, CSOE establishes a cooperation platform of industry, academe and research, through such ways as academic conference, exhibition and technology transfers to promote technological innovation in optical engineering, focusing on the commercialization of optical technology-oriented applications.
·CSOE sets up different technology topics in accordance with the directions of the International academic and technology development, while CSOE does not establish secondary branch societies
·CSOE recommends young leading experts as the main power in this society and trains a number of domestic and foreign new elites and leaders.

Cooperative partner:
Shanghai PINEN Exhibition Co., ltd
Tel:00 86 21 36050835 / 51850525

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