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About Photonics China

Cover the whole industry chain of optoelectronics field, highlight the industrial application, both buyers and sellers precise docking
The largest domestic photoelectronic information display platform, a comprehensive gathering of scientific research institutes, colleges and universities the latest technological achievements
Build national-level military and civilian fusion technology exchange and display platform, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrial cooperation
Technology to market, science and technology services V2.0 full boost industrial upgrading

Innovative Technologies of World's Universities, Institutes and Laboratories Exhibition
Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition
Optical Manufacturing Exhibition
Military and Civilian Dual-Use Infrared and Microwave Technology and Application Exhibition
Intelligent Information Exhibition
Camera and Imaging System Application Matchmaking Exhibition
Civil-military Integration National Defense Electronic exhibition
Global Optoelectronics Industry Summit
2018 Optical Network and Optical Information Technology Innovation and Industrial Development Application Forum
The 7th China (Beijing) International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensing Technology and Application
2018 International Laser Manufacturing and Application Innovation Conference and the International Laser Manufacturing Industry Alliance inaugural meeting
The 7th Infrared and Low-light Technology High - end Academic Forum
2018 China Spectroscopy Application Industry Development Forum
“CSOE Innovative Technology Award”
2018 Technology Commercialization and Project Matching Making Conference
Innovation project docking assembly
Incubator and industrial park investment Fair
S & T Achievements and Sourcing Matchmaking of Military and Civil
University Laboratories Demand Procurement
Security Companies roadshow and investment and financing negotiations
Infrared new Products and Project Roadshow
Laser manufacturing system and laser procurement docking
Optical communication and optical sensing docking


Chinese Society for Optical Engineering
China High-Tech Industrialization Association

Photo-electronic Industrialization Committee, China High-Tech Industrialization Association
Department of Cooperation and Coordination for Industry, Academe and Research, China High-Tech Industrialization Association
Beijing Aerospace Exhibition Co., Ltd

Overseas Supporters
University of Southampton
University of Birmingham
Korea Optical Society
French Enterprise International Development Agency
Finland Optoelectronics Industry Alliance
Germany Fraunhofer Applied Research Promotion Association
Germany Adlershof Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Spanish National Technological Innovation Alliance
Russian technology transfer network
National University of Singapore
Korea Innovation Promotion Association
US - China Business and Cultural Exchange Center


China Association for Science and Technology Innovation Service Center China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China Ordnance Industry Group Corporation China Academy of Engineering Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun-ray machine Shanghai Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tsinghua University Zhejiang University
Harbin Institute of Technology Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Beijing Institute of Technology
Nanjing University of Science and Technology Changchun University of Science and Technology

Demonstrate Range and Target Audiences

Optoelectronic Technology & Product Infrared detection, imaging products
Low-light night vision products Smart home
Smart pension Equipment manufacturing technology and products
National defense and civilian projects and products Security Technology and Intelligent Building
Electronics and semiconductors Industrial Automation and Robotics
LED products and components Instrumentation
New Energy / Photovoltaic new material
Unmanned systems and technology Photoelectric load
Detection of measuring equipment Inertial technology and optical fiber sensing technology
metal processing Sensing technology
International high - tech frontier project results Provincial and municipal high-tech projects
Achievements in Scientific Research Projects Investment and financing institutions s

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